Welcome to Real Homilies!

16 Jun

Dear One and All, It seems to be getting bigger by the week. The realhomilies style gives me the opportunity to paint more word-pictures for you, so that we can get a visual experience of the Homily. The style might not be presented as good English prose…’s not meant to be… I hope that you can hear me talking and sharing with you. In due time when we get the website up and running, I hope to be able to sit in my comfortable chair with a cup of Coffee, and chat with you….. I am really enjoying putting these together at the end of a day, in the quiet of the night! It takes me about four days to put this together. The next time that we are held in conversation with the Lord, let’s remember each other to the Lord….thank you.

Cheers Your friend,



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2 responses to “Welcome to Real Homilies!

  1. Tim Lee

    June 17, 2011 at 12:58 am

    Thanks for a lovely homily, Padre! Because they come from your heart, your words resonate with the Spirit within us and help us find our own summit moments in our daily lives. Shalom, indeed!

  2. kevinwalsh1974

    June 17, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    Hi everyone, I have had some phone calls today and other conversations about the Picture of the Church. It is the Catholic Church in Berrima, NSW. Berrima is a turn off road soon after Mittagong. I chose this picture, because it is made of solid rock! On top of the side door way and main entrance is the Cross. The green trees speak to me of life and growth. It is the colour of the Vestments for Ordinary time. Also, I would imagine that the community which celebrates the Eucharist inside would be very close to eachother…communio, which issues forth to hospitality through Shalom.

    The picture of me, is in our backyard. The Galah’s name is Sweetie. I got him as a chick, and he speaks well. If he likes you he will say, “You’re goregous” If he doesn’t care for you he will screeeeeetch!!!!


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