15th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A Number 6 Volume 1

06 Jul


Dear One and All,

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Promises are so important in the nourishing, and maintaining of relationships, not only with humans, but also with animals; let’s not forget their fidelity either. Promises are important all the time, although we know that there are various degrees of depth in promises. For example a fairly shallow promise was made to me recently
when I took my electric shaver to get exchanged…it was under 12 months old. The chap said to me, ‘No worries, I’ll have a new one for you within a week; I’ve got your ‘phone number; I’ll call you’. I had my hopes up, but there was a tiny niggle in my stomach that made me think that it might not happen so quickly or easily, especially with a Public Holiday coming up on the Monday. A week went by…I was so tempted to call him the following Friday. No, I thought that I would wait till the next Wednesday. So I called him….’Sorry, he is not in
today, he is sick!’ I felt a little off colour too, when I heard that! So, on Friday I went in to see him, thinking that he probably was not dying, and low and behold, when he saw me he said…..’ Oh, no! I can find your shaver…it did arrive a week ago, and I forgot to call you….’ With that I burst into song…..” Show me the way to go home, I tired and I wanna go to bed…!  😦

None of this frustration ever happens with the Lord! In the first reading today we hear ever so clearly that when God speaks……it happens……., yes in God’s time, not necessarily our time! That’s where the frustration can come in… Sometimes, we can be so intent in telling God what to do, that when it doesn’t happen our way, and in our time, we complain. Remember the Prophet Samuel in the Old Testament, he was advised by the old priest Eli to respond to God’s call by saying, ‘Speak Lord, your servant is listening… often our response might be….’Listen Lord, your servant is speaking.’ God’s mind and will, is far bigger than an IMAX screen, with surround sound; often our vision can be tunnel vision or that like a Horse which has leather flaps over its eyes, so that it sees straight ahead.  The Lord’s Prayer says it all…..’Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.’

Have you ever been in a sort of conversation with someone and they don’t seem to be listening…..doesn’t
it get on your nerves? It does on mine…..but sadly, I must confess that I have been like that from time to time…not really listening to others. As we journey through life, Words are delivered to us in all shapes and sizes…as little kids we heard lots of things, we heard instructions on how to be careful, we heard words about the importance of saying thank you, and please, and I beg your pardon, instead of responding with, WHAT!  Hearing words: ‘I love you, I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening, I promise, it was my fault, I think that you are fantastic, please pray for me, I will pray for you, you are such a great person for…….etc. We need to let God’s Word enter
us, body, mind and spirit. ‘Speak Lord, your servant is listening……knowing the importance of hearing in silence! When do we get some silence so that we can LISTEN?  Not only to others, but to ourselves.

In Greece, one of the great places of Monastic Culture is the Monastic Republic of Mt.Athos. On this
rugged and wild peninsular are 20 Monasteries…no roads, only footpaths and rocky ones at that! At the foot of the sacred Mountain there is the beginning of a winding track which leads to the one of the ancient Monasteries. At the beginning of the track there is a sign written in Greek which reads…’Know thyself’……..after the blood, sweat, tears and blisters, upon arriving at the summit there is another sign…’Know God’. In the ascent of that Mountain, one comes into personal and vivid contact with one’s inner self….the graces, the dark sides, the ifs and buts of the Christian life, and the pop up questions of..’Why did I start this in the first place?’. Hence, in the process of ascending the Mountain of the Lord, in coming into contact with our true selves…we then become the fertile ground to…”Know God”. So, keeping the Parable of the sower in mind, in our journey to God, which is life’s end; we can actually respond to God, by dealing with the thorns, the rocks, the birds that come and take away the seed…we can move towards God, through our coming to know ourselves more deeply. This can only happen during times of personal or communal reflection and getting ‘in touch’ with our inner life.. It is during and enduring those times, that can make us fruitful in the Lord, for ourselves and for others.  Let’s remember Christianity thrives in a desert…not a rainforest!

So after reflecting on the meaning, nature and values of promises, in the light of God’s promise to always take back his wayward Bride…US….THE CHURCH, the genetic formula of forgiveness, love and the desire to seek God, in conjunction with the Pilgrimage, which we are all making together towards this one end…..God’s Word
feeds us along the way, challenges us, invites us, moves us, and triggers the sense of being curious, and daring in our community quest to live the Lord’s Prayer……’thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.’ Hence, our Mission, the Mission of the Church is: to bring Heaven to Earth.

May the echoes of God’s Word which fills the frequency of the whole Cosmos, enter us, be listened to, and responded to with a life of desire to be Christ!  As St.Paul says….’ In your minds, you must be the same as Christ Jesus..’ (Philippians 2:5)

May God continue to Bless each and every one of us, and the next time that we are held in prayerful
conversation, let us remember each other to the Lord.  Cheers, Fr.Kev

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Next week I will be on Holidays in Jerusalem…..I wish! But I am having a little ‘break’, so I won’t be
posting any ‘’ for the 16th Sunday in Ordinary time Year A.  Business as usual the following week….







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