17th Sunday in Ordinary time Year A July 24, 2011 Number 7

21 Jul

One or Two words from Fr.Kev:

Dear One and All,

I suppose that most of us have had the experience of buying a House. It is the most important worldly investment that we generally make during our life time. Let’s look at some of the elements which go into the
desire, and the need to move, the vision that we have for our new home, then actually house hunting, followed by the agonising  procedure of buying. What a headache! I have only had to do this once in my life; for the present house which we live in; but my Mum and Dad have done it many times during our life; not just for the fun of it, because it is just plain hard work, but for the need to do so. In looking briefly at this procedure, I think that it will give us some deeper understanding of God’s Word today.

So let’s take it for granted that our House is up for sale, and there are a couple of ‘nibbles’; the Agent seems to be pretty confident that one of them will make a deposit. In the meantime, you have been looking around at Houses in a given area that you wish to re locate; you have been checking out the internet, and have registered the kind of House that you are looking for….but so far, the homes are either too expensive or there are some factors in the position, and plan of the house which does not appeal. Let’s also take it that you have been to a few ‘open house’ experiences, but there is nothing that really seems right for you. Suddenly, someone out of the blue puts a deposit on your home, and there is some urgency that the prospective buyer wants the deal stitched up ASAP, and the people are prepared to pay rent to you until the settlement. Wow! Then you can’t see your heels for dust! You and your family spend all Saturday ‘House hunting’ by 4.00pm, the  kids are getting fed up, and they start fighting in the back seat of the car…as well as a great deal of frustration for yourself. Then there is one more home to look at, and you toss up whether you might put it off till tomorrow…but something inside says to you…’ Go on, check it out…’ When you tell the kids of your intention, they have allot to say….like “Oh no Dad, let’s go to McDonalds…come on Mum talk Dad out of it”..And the familiar conversations go on.

You arrive in the street of the house which is up for sale…and there is a good feeling starting to stir inside you…but you think to yourself…’no, it’s been a long day and you’ve been caught before on this one.’ When you pull up in front of the house…it already feels like home! Husband and wife look at each other…smile and say, ‘Come on kids, in we go!’ ‘Ohrrrrrrrr no, do we have to? I bet you have heard that before. The only way I know about this is because my sister and I used to do it when we were little kids…..and Teenagers!  🙂  The Agent who greeted you wouldn’t set the world on fire…he has had a long day too. However, as soon as you get in the
front door…that familiar feeling…..’This is it’…. but as you go through the place, everything is perfect; you just can’t believe what you are ‘feeling’ and ‘seeing’. The price is a little high, but then you say to the Agent….we
want this one! This is our House! But he says, ‘Well I’m afraid that there are three other people who are just as keen as you’….’Oh no!!!!’ you say, and the kids in unison say….’this will be our house!’ So you tell the Agent that you are prepared to buy the House at the listed price! The Agent says in a casual way…’I’ll put it to the owner’, but he is overseas, and won’t be back for a week’. All the looks on the faces in your family would stop a clock at this comment! Suddenly, the kids have forgotten about McDonalds!

A week later, it is yours!!!! You know it in your mind and heart that you want the place; you love the front garden and backyard. Yes, you are prepared to deal with the mortgage at a great deal of extra expense!

Our Lord speaks of the Kingdom of God being like……finding a precious stone in a field! What do you do? You know that it is of immense value, and so to ensure it, you are prepared to buy the whole field, because you know that this opportunity won’t come by again. The same goes for the pearl of great price; to some extent!!!!!! In the first little story, the person happened to find the jewels in the field…the person was not actually looking for it. In the case of the Pearl merchant, he was looking for pearls, and suddenly he spots a MIKIMOTO PEARL, among all the others…which looks similar to the pearl of great price, but this merchant has the skill of discernment, and knowledge, and invests all he has in the precious pearl…not the ones that look like it….

Let’s go back to the first reading; the Lord God offers Solomon whatever he wants. Here is Solomon’s big opportunity….look what he asks for…..WISDOM! The inner gift which will enable him to discern ‘truth’! That is a special characteristic of God. Also, it greatly infulences the knowledge required to judge between right and wrong, which is an informed conscience. The Lord God shows gladness at the latent wisdom that Solomon already has in asking for a fuller measure of it, for use in his quality leadership.

So, it would seem that the intent of Our Lord in the use of these parables is saying that we know that we are on the threshold of the Kingdom of God because it is like….the person finding the jewels, the person noticing the pearl of great price. We link this up to the experience and procedure of looking to buy a house, we know instinctively the house that we want. God’s Kingdom lives within us; we need to have that total commitment as
exemplified in the two parables to respond wholeheartedly to the Invitations constantly offered to us by the Lord in daily life. We need to ask the Lord for graced moments, so that we can seize them; that being the case the Kingdom will grow and develop within us, so that the Lord’s prayer can be fulfilled, and it will be contagious. ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven…hence we need to be nurtured by that wonderful feminine characteristic of God….. Holy Wisdom!

I would like to conclude, with a little story, and a prayer.


A  Monk in his travels found once a precious stone and kept it. One day he met a traveller, and when he opened his bag to share his provisions with him, the traveller saw the jewel and asked the Monk to give it to him.  The Monk did so readily.  The traveller departed overjoyed with the unexpected gift of the precious stone that was enough to give him wealth and security for the rest of his life. However, a few days later he came back in search of the Monk, found him, gave him back the stone and entreated him: “Now, give me something much more precious than this stone, valuable as it is.  Please give me that which enabled you to give it to me.”


Lord Jesus Christ, grant to me the precious gift of giving to others without seeking return.  Grant that I may have that inner abandonment which enables me to see that in giving of some of my inner self, I am really sharing your ‘heart of love’ with others.  May I have that ability to be spontaneous in my generosity, to be thrilled by the prospect of sharing my ‘life’ which comes from you, to all who enter the journey of life with me. We make this our prayer through Christ Our Lord. Amen

May God Bless you and your families, and May we remember each other to the Lord, the next time we are held
in conversation,

Fr.Kev 🙂

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