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                                                  TOWARDS A SPIRITUALITY OF THE HEART:    

Part 1.  SACRED PLACES AND SPACES: An  Essay written by  Fr.Kevin Walsh

In chapter three of the Book of Exodus, verses 1-6, we see Moses tending the  flock of Jethro in the area of the
Holy Mountain of the Lord God; in the  Sinai Desert. Moses notices a strange event….the Burning Bush, and is hence  caught by the intrigue of this phenomenon; he goes forward to  investigate it. Notice that Moses is drawn to explore; there is  something within him which has responded to this invitation. In his movement  towards the Burning Bush, the Lord God sees him doing this, and then Moses hears  his name being called….’ Moses, Moses, Come no nearer, take off your shoes, for  the place on which you stand is Holy Ground.’ Exodus 3: 4.

Now let’s take this all in, and examine what is happening here, because I  believe that the process at work
here between the Lord God and Moses, is  similar to what happens in us when we meet the ‘sacred’, or rather, and I think  that it is more correct to say, that it is when the ‘sacred’ meets us; when we  come upon the Lord God. I remember seeing a Poster in St.Paul’s Bookshop here in  Sydney many years ago, and it said..’ We could not have found God, unless God  had found us first’….very true. Let’s also remember that Jesus is the human face  of the Father. So  when do we encounter the Lord? In Sacrament, in His Word, and  within the Community, which is the living Body of Christ. Let’s never forget the  words of Jesus, “Whenever two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in  their midst!” So, the holiness is within that moment, and at that place, in
communion with another or others, which makes the place, and time “Sacred” or  “Holy”.

This is a taste of the Essay, TOWARDS A SPIRITUALITY OF THE HEART….read the full version in the READINGS TAB, plus there are other interesting Essays, and information as well!

Cheers, Fr.Kev  🙂

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