32nd Sunday Year A. Number 21. A realhomilie and Family Prayer by Fr.Kevin Walsh

03 Nov

Dear One and All,

Let’s dive into the deep end of the pool! Wisdom! We have heard that word ever since we were little kids. There was even a brand of toothbrush called Wisdom some years ago in Sydney. We need to get this definition under our belts before we move into the Readings for this Sunday.

According to Scripture, Wisdom is an attribute of the Lord God. In the Hebrew Scriptures, Wisdom is always written in the feminine form. Therefore we can safely say that Biblical Wisdom is part of the feminine side of God. However, it is not accurate to address God as she, because Biblically, the Lord God is the Bridegroom, and we, His people are the Bride……yes, men and women are the Bride. Now seeing that wisdom is an attribute of the Lord God, what is it? In a nutshell, it is part of that inner consciousness of God which created all that is……Hence, according to St. Thomas Aquinas, God is the first cause of all. God’s creative Word always delivers what it was sent to do. God caused the Cosmos to be, and hence that creative act continues because the inner focus of this process proceeds in ways that are defined by cycles, movements and changes, which have their genesis within the inner core of God who is the seat of wisdom. That being the case, everything has a reason, and a season, and a purpose, known by us is many ways yet still unknown to us in lots of ways.

This is all getting a bit deep, eh? Well, let’s go just a little further before we
get to the lighter side of the realhomilie.


If we were to go to the Art Gallery in Sydney, and view a special exhibition of say, many of Rembrandt’s works, and to make matters all the more interesting you may not have a clue as to what he has painted, let alone seen any of his paintings before. Now, once you get your eye used to some of his works, you then begin to see particular characteristics of the Master at work. So much so, that some months later you might be visiting the National Gallery in Canberra, and then to your surprise and to those with you, you might say, “That’s one of Rembrandt’s”. You know his style, you know some of his particular strokes with the brush; in short you are getting used to being somewhat in the mind of the master, and even to knowing his inner style which comes out on canvas! Wow!  In your mind now, when you see one of his paintings, you know it is a Rembrandt!  Let’s use that metaphor in getting a handle on the way God does things. You would be doing this already in your faith life. Supposing you are following a sequence of events, and you know in your heart of hearts……’that’s God’s work’. It has all the characteristics of God…the all knowing, loving and wise one.


Now let’s do a little exercise……your own signature is unique, you use this to sign important documents, maybe credit cards etc. The particular way you sign is you! Do you have a signature for God, especially when God signs particular situations? Maybe you have never thought that a signature might be helpful for you in your spiritual life? Well, I didn’t think that it would be useful until I was led by a very patient Spiritual Director, who facilitated me to find it, who knew in her wisdom that once I gave myself to the exercise it would pay off… cut a long story short it did, So, when I reflect on my life or am caught in the moment of something happening in my
faith-life, I see the signature for God as a Treble clef sign as one finds at the beginning of a bar of Musical score.

 Maybe this subject could well be a heading for an Essay in the making to eventually go into the readings section of this Blog.  O.K we have just touched the surface about Wisdom, let’s get into today’s Gospel.

The Gospel tells us how important it is to be ready when Jesus calls.  This does not mean simply at the time of death, or the end of the world. It means being ready to respond to the inspirations, and unexpected challenges given to us by the Spirit every day. The foolish bridesmaids did not anticipate the lateness of the Bridegroom. Whereas the sensible ones had extra oil. In other words, the sensible ones were wise………….let’s think about that and how it applies to us. But I would like to move on to how we can be caught out when we think that we have it all together, and the Lord God has a surprise for us…..

I heard a great story a few years ago, which brings out some interesting points from the Gospel, which has
a direct application to our lives. It is about a situation which Tiger Woods found himself, and the story goes like this.

Tiger accidentally bumped into Stevie Wonder, the well-known blind Musician at a Bar. Tiger asked him how the Music was going, and Stevie said that it was going well, and he was very pleased with all that was happening.

Stevie asked Tiger how the golf was going, and was told, ‘Not too good at the moment. My driver is not working too well for me at the moment, but I am working with my coach, and I hope to correct this soon.” ‘When that happens to me,’ said Stevie, ‘ I just put my golf bag to one side for a week or two, and whenever I return to play, I discover that my problem has righted itself.’ Tiger was surprised, as he asked,’ Surely you don’t play golf?’ ‘Of course, I do.’ Replied Stevie. ‘How can you play, you are blind?’ I send my caddie down the fairway, he calls out, I listen to his voice, and I hit the ball in that direction.  He then moves towards the green, calls out
again, and I hit the ball in that direction.’ But how do you putt?’ asked Tiger. ‘My caddie kneels down beside
the hole, says something, and I putt in that direction.’ ‘And are you good?’ ‘Oh, yes, I’m actually a scratch golfer,’ replied Stevie. Tiger was amazed, and he suggested that they play a game together sometime. ‘Oh, it’s not that simple,’ says Stevie. ‘You see, when I began playing golf nobody took me seriously, and now I won’t play with anybody for less than $1,000 a hole. Tiger was really impressed, and was not put off, as he insisted that he would love to play a game with him. He asked when they might get together. Stevie replied,  ‘Oh, I don’t mind. Any night at all.’  Tiger Woods is a top-class golfer, but this was one challenge for which he was not prepared!

Sometimes we may be tempted to tell God how he should respond to our cries for help, or tell him how we should be inspired by others. In short, we cannot call the shots! If we encourage our minds and hearts to be like Stereo surround sound, and not just mono, we can be better prepared to recognise Christ, even when he may seem to be in disguise! ‘Behold, I stand at the door and knock, whoever hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and Dine with them’ says the Lord. (Revelation: 3:20)

God Bless you and your families and may we never forget each other in prayer.

Fr Kev       


Leader: Because our faith affirms that our God is always ready to hear and answer our prayers, we now turn to the Lord with confidence and make known our needs.

1. For the wisdom to discern God’s call among the many obstacles and distractions in our lives, we pray to the Lord: Lord, graciously hear us.

2. For the strength to resist the temptation to acquire possessions beyond our needs, we pray to the Lord: Lord, graciously hear us.

3. For the prudence to organise our lives so that we save time for prayer and interior peace, we pray to the Lord: Lord, graciously hear us.

4. For the wisdom to devote our lives to what has eternal value, not just temporal satisfaction, we pray to the LordLord, graciously hear us.

5. For a deeper understanding and love of the Bible and the discipline to study the Scriptures regularly and diligently, we pray to the Lord: Lord, graciously hear us.

6. For all who have died, especially N. and N., that they rest in the peace and glory of God’s Kingdom, we pray to the Lord: Lord, graciously hear us.

Now is the time to share the prayers that are deep in our hearts. From what we have seen on TV during the week, who should we pray for? As we think about a country Australia, what can we give thanks to God for? Do we have some special needs in our own family that we should pray for? What kinds of things and people should we give thanks to God for this week…..

Leader: Generous God, you lavish us with all good things: hear these our prayers that we might one day enjoy with you the fullness of your generosity, life everlasting. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen








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