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33rd Sunday Year A. A Memo from Fr.Kev

Dear One and All,

Sickness has struck our Household this week. I came down with an inter Galactic Virus early Tuesday morning, and I was as crook as Rookwood! A saying that we have in Sydney. Rookwood is a very old, and big Cemetery in Sydney. If you are crook as…you are in a bad way, even considering a plot of land in the Cemetery….. Then my poor Mum also got hit by the Virus last night, which changed our day completely, especially for poor Mum who is 91!!!!. My Mum was admitted to our local Hospital suffering from a virul attack very much the same as I had earlier this week. My sister and I have only returned from the Hospital with Mum late tonight Sydney time. Fortunately, the Hospital was able to rehydrate my Mum, and carry out the necessary tests. All is satisfactory.  So, it is now, 23.05 E.S.T and I have not had the energy to post the Readings etc, or a realhomilie for you this week. So sorry.  The Homily is virtually on the tip of my tongue right now.

I guess the lesson is hard to learn…..we do not know what the next day brings!!!!!!!!!!! So, our Dog Rosie greeted Mum home with the  usual wagging, and licking style. Even Sweetie our Galah ( Australian Parrot) let out a loud squark! My sister seems OK. I was so glad that she was about to carry us… So, now I think that it is fitting to quote the Canticle of Simeon in Luke’s Gospel….’Now Lord, you may dismiss your servant in peace….Good night all; we shall catch up next week….God willing!


With every good wish,

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr.Kev 🙂

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