6th Sunday of Easter Year C 2013. A realhomilie from Fr.Kevin Walsh

30 Apr

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Dear One and All,
In the Wisdom literature of the Old Testament, it says that there is a time for everything under Heaven. Well, I can say that there is a time when one has to go to Hospital to get a 100,000 KM service, a bit like the car. So, I will be off the air for a couple of weeks, but hopefully not off the planet. Please keep me in your prayers during the next week or so, it is not real serious surgery, but enough to stop me mowing the lawn the day after getting out of Hospital. Please pray that I have the gift of patience! I am not a good patient…….hahahah so I am told. In the meantime, May God’s Word continue to find a home in you, and within the warmth of Christ’s love, May the Holy Spirit energise you and urge you to be daring in your daily mission….because our daily mission is the mission of the community…namely, to bring Heaven to Earth.

God Bless you and may we never forget eachother while held in conversation with the Lord,
Fr.Kev 🙂


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