Why Advent? A short Reflection shared with you by Fr Kevin Walsh, Sydney, Australia

02 Dec

Why Advent? Shared by Fr Kevin Walsh Sydney, Australia
Beginning Advent…..


What does it mean that we do this again?
Four weeks, four candles, ‘the people who walk in darkness” Looking for light?
What does it mean that we do this again-?
We who rush through everything who sometimes hardly notice where we are.


Having to slow ourselves enough to light one candle at a time and to understand what it is for?

What does it mean that we do this again-?
Proclaiming yet once more the One whose birth we’ve
Announced every year
As long as we can remember?
Are we such creatures of habit that we’ll keep a festival?
For no good reason?

Rose 2 thKA3VKCWA

Or can it possibly be that He keeps being born?
Probably so. Most assuredly so.
Otherwise the “again” would have no power for us.
But in our one candle hearts our ever-waiting-for-the-Christ candle hearts,
We somehow know that all the power is in the “again”.
The Word becomes flesh….and the people who walk in darkness rejoice again.

New heavens and new earth th Author unknown……..

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