EPIPHANY. YEAR C, 2016. A realhomilie from Fr Kevin Walsh, Sydney Australia

01 Jan

Christ the teacher thM6Z3UGMC

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord. Another name for this Solemnity could be, the ‘Revelation of the Lord’. Here is a small and simple example of what it means: Sometimes on a dull, cold winter’s day, a break appears in the thick cloud cover, and through it we catch a glimpse of a radiant sun. All too soon, however, the break is covered up, and the sun disappears once more. But that short glimpse of a brighter and warmer world can do wonders for us. The mere memory of it can work its magic on our spirit.

Daily life is full of little epiphanies for those who have the eyes to see and the minds to reflect. They slip in through the cracks in our busy lives, either through an unexpected moment of peace, beauty, love, forgiveness or sincere goodness.

The Magi (The three Kings from the East) caught a glimpse of the radiance of the Christ-child. Others, such as Herod looked at the Christ-child as a threat! All these people had the same eyes, yet they did not see the same things. It was faith, which in this case means ‘insight’ that God given grace, which enabled the Magi to penetrate the veil and ‘see’ the reality beyond. But, like the clouds covering the sun, the Magi had to return to their own lands; one would hope to believe that their visitation to the Crib would have made some permanent difference to their understanding of Salvation. They followed a star and traveled a long distance, and found the Messiah! Do we have to travel long distances to catch a glimpse of Christ? The Lord is as close to us as the person sitting next to us! The Lord speaks to us continually through His Word and Sacrament, inviting a response of love and insight into the continued saving Hand of God ‘at work’ in our lives, and in our community. As the song goes; ‘Open my eyes Lord, help me to see your face; open my ears Lord help me to hear. Open my heart Lord; help me to love like you. I live within you, rest now in me…’ (Jesse Manibusan. Published by OCP Publicatons. Used with permission Licence Number 1375E)

May the Lord bless you and keep you.
May the Lord be gracious to you.
May the Lord’s face shine upon you and your loved ones. Amen. Happy New Year!
Fr.Kevin Walsh.

Kevin Walsh's photo.

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