29th Sunday Year B, 2018 A thought which arose out of the Readings. Fr Kevin Walsh Sydney Australia

So sorry that I have not posted Brian’s Reflection and my Realhomilies. I have not been feeling well, so I share a thought with you which bubbled up inside me after reflecting on the Readings.

The great English writer, after reflecting on the role and meaning of Pain and Suffering in life as he had experienced it. The catalyst for this precious thought which I am about to share with you had it’s genesis within the suffering of the writer’s dying wife….. here it is:- ‘ Jesus did not come to take pain and suffering away; He came to fill it with his presence’. Food for thought! I would like to link this with what our Founder, St Paul of the Cross said. ‘ the Passion and Cross of Jesus is the most overwhelming expression of God’s love for each of us’


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